Terminus Electric Money Laboratory

Co-working for bitcoin startups on the Atlanta Beltline

What we are all about

The city of Atlanta has many nicknames. One of them is transaction alley — 70% of US payments pass through Georgia

Meanwhile, the bitcoin lightning network enables cheap, near-instant settlement over the internet. This disruptive technology will reshape the payments industry in ways nobody can predict.

Terminus Electric Money Laboratory is the bridge, connecting transaction alley to a bold future atop the lightning network.


Hot desks

Come in with your laptop and use an available desk

Dedicated desks

For the (partially) self-sovereign co-worker

Fast wifi

Of course. It’s 2023.


Drink up yall. We’re building bitcoin here.


Cypherpunk Manifesto 30th Anniversary

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

This ATL BitDevs reading group is meeting to discuss the Cypherpunk Manifesto for it’s 30th anniversary. Bitcoin history lesson!


Ordinals: how to make NFTs on bitcoin

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

This time, we are going to read the Ordinal Theory Handbook! Ordinals are a technique for creating NFTs on the Bitcoin main chain.


Lightning node workshop

Lightning node running workshop! Details TBD.

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